Six stay-at-home Valentine’s dates

Unique date ideas for this quarantined Valentine’s Day 

Allison Vanderzanden | Lifestyle Editor

For those who usually celebrate Valentine’s Day with an extravagant date night, this year might feel disappointing. But being stuck inside doesn’t mean date nights can’t still be exciting. Hunker down with a significant other and have some fun with these date ideas. 

  • Try cooking each other’s favorite meal, or tackle a new dish with one another. Make a challenge out of it by creating a dinner or dessert with only ingredients currently in the pantry. 
  • Still have the travel bug? A number of museums, aquariums and other popular destinations are offering virtual tours and livestreams. Get immersed in places like the Guggenheim, the Louvre, the Smithsonian, Disney World’s Main Street, the Eiffel Tower, nearby aquariums and more all from the comfort of home. 
  • Partners can get cozy with an at-home camping trip. Pitch a tent in the backyard, or build a blanket fort in the bedroom or living room. Enjoy some s’mores — which can be cooked over a gas stove burner or in the microwave — and hot dogs. After cooking up some goodies, put aside the electronics and enjoy each other’s company under the stars or by candlelight. 
  • Get fancy and host a black tie evening for two at home. Dress up and break out the champagne or bubbly apple cider for a fancy dinner or movie night. 
  • Game nights are a classic, and each new round is unique. Sit down to play a favorite board or card game, or learn a new card game like Egyptian Ratscrew, GOPS or Briscola. Video games are also a fun option — hold a one-on-one match in “Super Smash Bros.” and “Mario Party,” play co-op in “Minecraft,” “Animal Crossing” and “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” or host a Jackbox matchup. 
  • Psychologist Arthur Aron presented 36 questions that are proven to generate closeness in partners. Sit down with a partner, friend or even stranger and increase intimacy by discussing these 36 questions as outlined by University of California Berkeley. 

Looking for more ideas? Brainstorm a list of each person’s favorite activities and decide how to spend Valentine’s Day together. 

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