Sip On This

Written by:Jude Bokovoy

Tired of the same cup of joe each morning? Let fellow Western students provide some inspiration. Read the responses to questions asked by the Howl below.

What is one’s go to coffee order? 

Macchiato: A classic macchiato is one part espresso and one part steamed milk. However, Starbucks creates its macchiatos just like an iced caramel latte, but layered. First, vanilla syrup is added to the bottom of the cup, followed by milk, ice, and espresso shots. Caramel is drizzled over the top of the entire drink, creating delicious, flavorful ribbons to be drunk from a sip lid. One student prefers to add vanilla bean powder to their Starbucks caramel macchiato. 

Latte: This drink is made with one to four shots of espresso and steamed or cold whole milk. One’s favorite alternative milk can be easily substituted. Students’ favorite flavor combinations include honey with cinnamon and hazelnut with coconut. Other alterations involve switching out espresso with different roasts, like highly-caffeinated white coffee, or replacing milk with half and half or even eggnog.

Chai latte: The name is easily deceptive. Believe it or not, there is no espresso included in this drink. Instead of espresso, this latte includes a chai tea base along with steamed or cold  milk, depending if one wants it hot or iced.

Dirty chai: To make a chai latte “dirty,” add a shot or two of espresso. 

Both the classic and dirty chai are very popular with students. One student turns their dirty chai into a breve by replacing the milk with half and half. Another adds white chocolate. 

Mocha: This drink is prepared just like a latte with the addition of a chocolate syrup or powder. To make a white mocha, swap out regular chocolate for white chocolate syrup or powder. Some students have their mochas with raspberry, peppermint or dark chocolate. 

Cold brew: The smoothest drink out there is a cold brew. Baristas will soak fresh espresso grounds with cold water and strain through a tea cloth and let it sit for 24 hours to gain potency. This drink is served plain over ice or with cream, as preferred by a student. 

White Russian: To transition from morning to night, one student of age likes to wind down with this adult beverage — made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream over ice in an old-fashioned glass.

Students also submitted votes on their alternative milk of choice, as well as their temperature preference. 

Which alternative milk is the best?

Oat: 69%

Almond: 15%

Cashew: 7%

Hot or iced?

Hot: 16%

Iced: 83%

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