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Allison Vanderzanden | Lifestyle Editor has taken over the online shopping marketplace and changed the game with its massive variety of products and delivery as fast as same-day. However, many are looking to find alternatives to this e-commerce giant for alleged reasons including tax evasion and unethical treatment of employees. Luckily, there are numerous options out there that can replace Amazon; check out these places next time shopping needs to be done.

A Good Company: A Good Company focuses on conscious consumerism and makes sustainable products that will last a long time. They sell stationery, kitchenware, personal care supplies and more.

EarthHero: EarthHero sources a wide variety of products — from clothes to health and beauty to pet supplies — from sustainable businesses. They strive to treat the planet kindly while still providing the ease and convenience of online shopping.

Hoopla: Hoopla is a great source for free books, movies, TV shows and more through a local library. Simply input a library card number and enjoy a variety of content.

Made Trade: Made Trade offers a value-based way to shop for homegoods, clothing and accessories. Choose a value to search by — like sustainable products, vegan products or people of color-owned — and explore high-quality items.

WeBuyBlack: The self-proclaimed “Black Amazon,” WeBuyBlack is a directory for independent Black-owned businesses. They offer a great array of products including everyday essentials, clothing and home decor.

Shop direct: It’s no doubt that Amazon offers a great selection of products upon searching, so use Amazon as a search directory, then go to the supplier’s website and directly purchase from them.

Shop local: Small businesses have especially struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic, so consider supporting nearby shops. Some may have online shops or offer curbside pickup, or remove the need for shipping entirely by masking up and shopping in person.

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