Review: “Reversing Roe”

Chrys Weedon | Entertainment Editor

Netflix’s documentary “Reversing Roe,” released on Sept.12, follows the transformation of abortion legislature in America, which has been a consistently controversial topic in this country in recent history. Narrated by prominent figureheads on both sides of the divide, this documentary takes us through the history of abortion, from the illegal, backroom abortions of the 1960s to the ever-increasing restrictiveness on abortion legislation today.

According to the Netflix website, “Reversing Roe” is “essential viewing to understand how the country got here.” However, there does not seem to be much information contained in this documentary that isn’t common knowledge to anyone who already holds an opinion on this subject. New information is severely lacking, making this documentary more of a refresher course on the abortion debate in America.

Netflix also advertises “Reversing Roe” as a documentary that allows both sides of the debate to be heard: this does seem to be true. Of the individuals highlighted, 18 professionals are pro-choice and 18 are pro-life — so from a purely metric standpoint, everyone is given an equal voice. However, it is important to mention that there is a slight bias. It does seem that this documentary leans more pro-choice, mostly because there is more focus on the pro-choice professionals and their arguments against restricting a woman’s right to choose.

Despite an apparent pro-choice bias and overview of already-available information on the abortion debate, “Reversing Roe” is worth a watch simply because it emphasizes the fact that America is at a very fragile point in its history. Pro-life groups have been steadily chipping away at Roe v. Wade since its ruling in 1973, ensuring that over 300 abortion restrictions have been passed since 2010. Seven states have only one clinic that provides abortion services.

I would suggest watching this documentary if you are interested in learning about the abortion debate in the U.S., or just as a refresher if you haven’t been following politics these past few years. But keep in mind, there is a slight bias involved.

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