Paint the day away, one rock at a time

Try out rock painting to really rock your world 

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With summer coming up, it’s important to have more than one way to spend the long days. Some people kill time by picking up new hobbies, or through experimenting with different types of arts and crafts. Rock painting is one activity that can be relaxing and turned into an artistic outlet, and it’s one craft that requires few materials. 

One easy way to find materials is by collecting rocks on walks and checking to see if there’s any old paint laying around the house. Sharpies work in a pinch and can add more detail to painted pieces. If out of paint, consider using leftover nail polish or spray paint to decorate. With hundreds of possible designs ⏤ ranging from animals, flowers, bees, candy and bugs ⏤ there’s something for everyone. 

There are tons of official rock painting groups spread out across Oregon, all with their own vibrant communities and unique designs. To get started in the rock painting world, try joining Facebook groups and looking for rock painting hashtags on other social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter. It can even be an opportunity to share one’s own work and artistic skills, or it can just be a fun family activity. These rock painting pages and communities in Oregon can all be found on Facebook: 

  • West Coast Painted Rocks, #WCPR.
  • Brookings Oregon Painted Rocks, #BOPR.
  • Southern Oregon Painted Rocks, #SOPR.
  • Klamath Rocks.
  • Lane County “Rocks,” #LCR! and #lanecountyrocks.
  • Eugene “Rocks.”
  • Lakeview “Rocks.”
  • Cottage Grove, Oregon “Rocks!”, #CG Rocks. 
  • Coos County Rocks!! 
  • Rocks Across America, #Oregon.
  • Linn County Rocks.
  • Lincoln City Rocks.
  • Rocks N Dallas OR.
  • Portland Rocks.
  • Newberg Rocks.
  • Polk County Painted Rocks.

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