Meaningful mementos for Mom this Mother’s Day

Inexpensive gift ideas for every mother figure

Allison Vanderzanden | Lifestyle Editor

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, which means if getting Mom a gift, it’s time to go shopping. Gifts can be very meaningful without costing too much; get inspired by these Mother’s Day gifts to present to a mother figure this holiday.

Photo album: Collect meaningful photos of the family into a photo album or slideshow. Decorate a little scrapbook with stickers and captions, buy a simple photo album to put many printed photos in or keep it digital by arranging a slideshow to share. 

Pots and plants: If Mom loves gardening, buy them their favorite flowers or some herbs or vegetables to plant together. Customize a pot by painting it together, or get the whole family involved by each decorating a container for them. 

Mug and coffee or tea: Cute coffee mugs can be found all over the internet for as little as $10. Get them a mug that says, “Best Mom/Aunt/Grandma/Sister Ever,” and stuff it with some of their favorite coffee or tea. Or give them new flavors to try together. Sit down with them and spend some time chatting over a hot beverage on Sunday. 

Office supplies: Sticky notes, paper clips, pens — an organized person has to have it all. Buy Mom some office supplies in their favorite color or themed with their favorite flower or animal. Some notepads and journals come with motivational messages, which can be a nice mood booster for Mom for days to come. 

Their favorite self-care product: Is Mom running low on their favorite lipstick, lotion, hair product or essential oil? Offer to buy them a refill of one of their favorite products, or give them a gift card to the store they most enjoy. 

A nice card: Give Mom a thoughtful, funny or beautiful card with some meaningful words written inside for them to display for the coming weeks. Plenty of physical stores offer a wide variety of greeting cards, and online shops like Etsy have customizable options to give the gift an added personal touch. 

Time together: Sometimes the best gifts are nice moments together. Spend some quality time with Mom on Sunday, or, if busy, plan a day soon that’s dedicated to them.  

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