Maura Miller is this Months Senior Artist

Written by:Gretchen Sims

Throughout the 2022–23 school year, Western’s art galleries have chosen to honor Western’s senior Art and Design majors by hosting a rotating gallery space in the Werner University Center. 

November’s featured artist is senior Art and Design major, Maura Miller. Miller’s work is influenced by comic culture and pop surrealism as well as Catholic imagery. Miller’s uses several mediums, which typically results in a final product including both digital and traditional media.

Miller is very passionate about art and wants to leave a trail of color in her wake, stating that if she could control how the world operates, every building would be coated in a slew of colors. 

“Though it might be cliche to say, I think that there should be more art in the world because it makes life more intense. A sidewalk is no longer just a sidewalk when it has color, a house is more than just an object when it’s painted with imagery. Art makes us see the world around us in an enhanced way. It allows us to give a second thought to things we might not usually notice.” said Miller.

She continued, “When the redundancy of life gets to be too much, art is there to make us ask questions. It is the most viral form of communication, something that extends past dialect, discomfort and culture. In this way, it amplifies life by creating an understanding between dissimilar people. Through my work, I hope to be able to convey something deeply emotional about myself in a way that others with differing experiences can understand.” 

Miller hopes that her art will bring more color to a dull world and create a deeper understanding between individuals. 

“… my biggest priority through creation is to ensure that my work is impacting my community in a positive way.” 

Miller’s collection — entitled “Hybridization” — includes “Bat,” “Water Serpent,” “CorneaCopia” and “Sacrilege.” Miller’s pieces convey extreme emotions and act as inspiration for many budding artists.

The exhibition is located on the top floor of the WUC on the right of the main entrance past the Wolfstore. 

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