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A Review of New Podcast, Circle Time with Kelsey Kreppel

Written by:Mikayla Coleman 

Launched in Aug. 2022, “Circle Time” with Kelsey Kreppel is a laid-back podcast based upon the common child-age classroom experience of sitting in a circle and sharing with peers. 

Known initially for her involvement with her now-fiancé — Youtube personality, Cody Ko — Kreppel has grown a significant audience of her own. 

Kreppel vlogged her day-to-day life on her Youtube channel throughout the initial COVID-19 quarantine, where her audience became aware of her part-time job as a preschool teacher. While Kreppel was unable to meet with her preschool students in person, she was still able to participate in a key part of the preschool classes’ routine of circle time via Zoom. This wholesome and repeated practice was beneficial not only for the students, but also for Kreppel and her audience, as the world navigated a disorienting and fearful time. 

Streaming weekly on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and more, the  “Circle Time” podcast has been a hit in recent months. “Circle Time” operates with a consistent and structured routine of Kreppel discussing her day-to-day experiences, topics in pop culture and weekly journal prompts. The included weekly journal prompts offer a uniqueness that is not often present within the typical podcast setting, offering the viewer something to write about post-show. These prompts vary in seriousness, including hard-hitting questions for personal growth, or simply asking the viewer to rank their top ten favorite foods. 

A section that sets “Circle Time” apart is the advice section in which audience members can send in voicemail messages detailing specific problems or experiences directly to Kreppel for a chance to receive advice or support. 

After establishing “Circle Time” on her own throughout the month of August, Kreppel has invited guests such as Alisha Marie, Remi Cruz, Taylor King, and Devon and Sydney Carlson on the podcast. The collaborative episodes tend to be longer than the solo ones — with the average solo podcast being around 45 minutes. The guests that have been invited onto “Circle Time” have an obvious genuine personal connection with Kreppel, resulting in very comfortable and hilarious chemistry in their recorded conversations. 

Overall, I think that “Circle Time” is off to a good start. I feel that there is room for improvement in the topics discussed within the pop culture sections so far, but I acknowledge the fact that this is Kreppel’s first time taking on a big project independently, so there will be a learning curve. I have enjoyed listening and am interested in what the future holds as Kreppel establishes her own groove. 


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