Holiday Article

Written by: Nicholas Sarysz

While holiday festivities are something many look forward to, not everyone feels enthusiastic about them, nor should they have to. After all, it’s usually no fun being vigorously told “Merry Christmas” by boomers who assume your personal holiday traditions are the same, waiting for the same greeting in response.

Family gatherings, along with the traditional facade that all is merry and bright, can be a dreadful combination that many understandably avoid.

There are holiday activities for those who are social and excited, but what about those that want to avoid all the commotion? There are still plenty of alternative activities, which include, but are not limited to, gaming, binge-watching, learning a new hobby or skill and enjoying seasonal delicacies.

Playing video games, despite being a popular year-round activity, can get much more exciting during the holidays. It’s a fully indoor activity, which is crucial given the dreary winter weather. Many platforms have in-game events, as well as special unlocks, challenges and collectibles to commemorate the holidays. For multiplayer games, lobbies fill up quicker and competition is bountiful as many businesses are closed and students are home from school. 

For gamers hoping to try something new, sales extend far further than just Black Friday. Many major platforms, notably Steam, have a holiday sale deep into December.

The high volume of sales in the gaming industry doesn’t stop behind the screen, as many tabletop and card games hold different events during the winter as well. These types of games usually require more time to understand and can get expensive depending on how someone likes to play, which makes winter a great time to dive into something new.

Those who don’t want to spend as much time gaming can utilize their free time to catch up on that list of shows and podcasts that homework always interferes with. After all, everyone might as well use their best friend’s-third-cousin’s Netflix password they asked for two years ago.

The solitude that comes with winter is also one of the best times to pick up a completely new hobby. 

Some popular indoor hobbies include reading, plant care, organization and exercise. While you can do your own research for a new hobby, many locally run stores in the surrounding area would appreciate the support and can be very helpful in getting started.

If one is looking to be more productive during the winter, it may be a good time to try and pick up a new skill. Some skills one can learn during their free time include learning another language, cooking, sewing and computer coding.

For those that want to do nothing — which is understandable for a long winter break — the holidays can provide that break. Plus, they come with seasonal food and drinks that can be enjoyed in seclusion as much as they can be enjoyed with others. This is especially true for those with a sweet tooth, as the season is filled with gingerbread, sugar cookies, hot chocolate and much more.

While the holidays themselves may not be everyone’s favorite, there is always something to enjoy… even if that happens to be avoiding anything to do with the holidays.

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