Abby’s House Silent Auction

Written by: Mirella Barrera-Betancourt

On Dec. 1 and Dec. 2, Western’s Abby’s House will be holding their largest annual fundraising event of the year — just in time for Christmas.

In the days leading up to the Silent Auction, Abby’s House requests donations from the community, including local businesses and city residents. These donations can range from themed gift baskets, gift certificates to local businesses, wine pulls, and tickets to a plethora of  events, with everything from live theater to amusement park admission. 

The money received in donations to Abby’s House are split between two charitable contributions. 

This includes the Jeanne Dean Abby’s House Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded every year to 1 or 2 Western students. It is 100% financed by fundraisers held by Abby’s House — primarily the Silent Auction. 

While the scholarship is not included alongside Western’s general scholarship application, the scholarship is open for all eligible students, with the condition that the recipient must volunteer at Abby’s House a minimum of five hours per week each term throughout the following academic year.

Abby’s House also has its own Abby’s House Foundation where proceeds fund future events, as well as other fundraisers and new furniture for Abby’s House’s office.

During the two days of the Silent Auction, members of the local community, including students, can bid on items provided by donation.

The way it works is simple. Every item in the auction will have its own bidding sheet, where participants can write their name and the amount they wish to bid. In typical auction procedure, the individual with the highest bid over the two days wins. 

According to the Director of Abby’s House, Kristen Perry, there were tweaks made to the system in order to make the process run a bit more smoothly and fairly.

“We may have some one day bid sections, one table might only be able to be bid on Thursday, and one on Friday, so that anyone unable to make it on Friday can still potentially win a basket,” said Perry. “This can get pretty competitive, and people even send representatives to bid on their behalf if they can’t make it!”

If they do not want to bid on items, there are other ways participants can “win” prizes. There is a mystery wine pull — participants must be 21 or older — available for purchase for $20, Abby’s House mugs and a packet of hot chocolate for only $10 and the option for a “blind date with a book” for $3, in which the book is wrapped to conceal its title..

The Silent Auction will be held in the Abby’s House office, located on the first floor of the Werner University Center, room 106, on Thursday, Dec. 1 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Friday, Dec. 2 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Students are welcome to walk around and enjoy the complimentary hot chocolate and cookies, or bid on any item they wish.

Spread the word to support local scholarships and Holiday cheer.

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