Clicking Cocktails

Written by:Jude Bokovoy

When entering the world of responsible drinking, the most enjoyable hiccup is figuring out what drink to order. There is a wide variety  of options for both liquor and mixers. Listed below are some dependable cocktail recipes that can be tailored to one’s preferences. 

Moscow mule — With a strong punch of ginger and lime, this bubbly drink will mask the taste of vodka, leaving the drinker refreshed. There are many spins on this classic with common flavor additions including pear, jalapeno or strawberry. 

Espresso martini — Calling all coffee lovers. An espresso martini is a great way to transition from morning to night. With the bold taste of espresso, cream and coffee liqueur— this martini’s beauty and taste will last.  

Daiquiri — This classic cocktail includes three simple ingredients: rum, lime juice and simple syrup. Popular varieties include adding strawberry or peach.

Cuba libre — Love cola? Cola, lime juice and rum complete this delicious spiked soda.

Mojito — This refreshing cocktail will bring one back to summertime. White rum, lime juice, simple syrup and mint muddled over ice make for an excellent treat. Try this drink the classic way or spice things up by adding fresh jalapenos. 

Tequila sunrise — This sweet, tropical drink consists of orange juice, grenadine syrup and of course— tequila. 

French 75 — Feeling fancy? Sip on champagne, gin, lime juice and simple syrup with an orange twist garnish. 

Highball — Keep it simple with whisky and ginger ale over ice.

Bloody Mary — Switch things up with a daring Bloody Mary. Consisting of tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, lemon juice and Tabasco, this drink packs a punch.

Sea breeze — This colorful drink contains vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juice over ice.

Mint Julep — This fresh cocktail is made with bourbon, simple syrup and mint leaves.

Mimosa — Brighten up the morning with a mimosa by simply combining champagne and orange juice.

Lemon drop — This well known cocktail consists of vodka, triple sec, lemon juice and simple syrup. To add a floral taste, swap out simple syrup with lavender syrup. 

Margarita — How could one forget about margaritas? Though there are many variations, the classic recipe calls for tequila blanco, lime juice, simple syrup and is typically served with a salted rim. Adding jalapeno also brings a delicious kick. 

Whatever one’s drink of choice may be, try branching out every once in a while. It’s always fun to experiment —and who knows? The next cocktail one tries could be their next go-to drink.

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