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Be on the lookout for these retro and affordable gaming systems

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Gaming systems have come a long way from their original clunky shapes, and have increasingly become more advanced in their programming and sophisticated designs. New games and systems are constantly being released, but the prices aren’t always the most accessible. To still have fun gaming the rainy days away, folks can look to some of the more affordable options. Older models, like the Game Boy and Nintendo DS, can usually be found at a cheaper price at electronic stores or online sellers. Not only that, revisiting these old school systems can provide a distinctly nostalgic feeling of easier days. 

  • Nintendo Game Boy 

The model I have is from 1989, and using this one comes with pros and cons. One con is that it requires four AA batteries, and the games that fit inside have to be specific to this model to work properly. Thankfully, batteries aren’t super expensive, and the system itself isn’t in high demand anymore, so the device and its games can be found fairly easily. One pro tip for finding these older models is to ask around to friends or family, as sometimes items like these end up forgotten about in the attic or donation pile. 

  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

This is personally my favorite system, just because the satisfying startup noise and colorful screen bring me right back to my childhood. Not only that, but the games and accessories for these can be commonly found in thrift stores or for cheap at electronic stores. This makes it easy to build a large collection of games with a smaller budget, but it also means it’s easier to splurge.

  • Nintendo DS Lite

Finally, the DS brings in the best of both worlds with the ability to take both Game Boy games and smaller, updated DS games with clearer graphics. Don’t forget about the chat option, which is way more entertaining than Zoom meetings. One con for this is the stylus; it can be easy to lose through the years, but they’re cheap and easy to hunt down at a store. It’s convenient to have a device that has two slots for different games, but some DS games can be upward of $15 or so at certain stores. 

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