Post-Award Process

01 Onboarding

Who attends

  1. Principal Investigator(PI) /Project Director (PD)
  2. Co-PI/Co-PD
  3. Administrative Support
  4. Associate Director of Award Management and Post-Award Services
  5. Anyone else directly involved with the administration of the award

What is covered

  1. Award details
  2. Budget setup
  3. Compliance pieces
  4. Action items

    02 Award Management

    • Invoicing
    • Allowable charge consultations
    • Participant Consent Forms

      03 Reporting


      • Effort Certification
      • Financial Report Certification
      •  Grant Cost Principals form


      • Conflict of interest form

        04 Closeout

        90 days before 

        • Reminder sent to PI
        • Evaluate need for no-cost extension
        • Go over what reports are needed

        60 days before

        • Review expenses
        • Review charges that can still be made
        • Send final bill to subcontractors within 45 days of end date

        30 days before

        -If award is moving into additional year

        • Setup new index
        • Transition pay to new index

        -If award is ending

        • Finalize transactions
        • Move pay off index

        At Award End

        • SPO sends final invoice
        • SPO works with PI and admin support to ensure index is at $0 balance
        • SPO closes index