Getting Started

You have a fantastic research plan, need sabbatical funding, or have a great idea for a new campus initiative… how do you find and secure external support?

Whatever your funding needs, we are here to help at every stage of the process, including identifying funding opportunities, proposal development and submission, post-award management, and compliance.

Sponsored Projects also establishes WOU policies related to sponsored project funding, is the authorized representative on grant sub-missions, and serves as the formal institutional liaison with external sponsors.

What We Do:

  • Provide guidance on submitting competitive, well-written grant applications.
  • Work one-on-one with faculty and with grant writing teams.
  • Develop and deliver grant writing education programs and workshops for faculty.
  • Interpret federal regulations to effectively comply with funding agency requirements.

How We Work:

All proposals/applications/requests for external support (including fellowships, contracts, etc.) must be routed through the Sponsored Projects office for review and approval to ensure that WOU is able to comply with the terms and conditions associated with any poten-tial funding. Throughout the grant life cycle, Sponsored Projects fosters relationships internally and externally and is here to advance institutional growth.

The pre-award team will:

  • Help you identify relevant funding opportunities
  • Help you to review the funder’s requirements and craft a competitive proposal
  • Help you build a project budget and budget narrative
  • Move your proposal through SPO’s internal review and approval process
  • Assist with submitting the final proposal packet

The post-award team will:

  • Work with you to negotiate and accept your award
  • Setup your award with an onboarding and make sure you have the appropriate accounts available
  • Send you timely reminders for report due dates
  • Send out invoices to request funds in line with award timeline
  • Help to prepare and submit reports
  • Work with you on compliance pieces and navigating the implementation of the award.
  • Assist in closing out your award