Academic & Student Affairs


Academic Freedom

Academic Rank

Academic Staff Holidays

Academic Staff Member’s Request for a Formal Hearing

Access to Files by Faculty Members

Action by the President

Appointment of Regular Part-Time Faculty Beyond the FTE Equivalent of the Sixth Consecutive Year

Approval and Revisions of Sabbatical Leave Agreements

Assignment to Hear Proceeding

Availability of Faculty Records for Research Purposes

Availability to Faculty Members of Objective Information Concerning Categories of Staff

Board’s Initiative in Bringing Investigation or Charges

Certain Information Not Required to Be Given by Faculty Members

Committee’s Report

Compensation Plan for Academic Staff

Conduct of Hearing

Confidential Information Relating to Employed Faculty Not to Be Sought Nor Accepted

Confidential Records — Restrictions on Release

Consecutive Annual Appointments


Continuances and Postponements

Cost of Sabbatical Leaves

Criteria for Faculty Evaluation

Date of Termination



Definition of Cause


Eligibility for Indefinite Tenure

Eligibility for Sabbatical Leave

Entry into File of Comments, Explanations, and Rebuttals



Hearing Committee

Hearing Recorder

Informal Disposition

Initial Appointment and Probationary Service for Faculty on Tenure-Related Appointments

Initiation of Formal Proceedings

Institutional Rules

Kinds of Appointments

Length of Leave for Academic-Year Staff

Length of Leave for Fiscal-Year Staff

Limitation on Records to Be Maintained

Locations and Custody of Faculty Records

No Reprisals

Notice of Hearing

Obligation to Return

Other Personnel Actions Not for Cause

Permanence, Duplication, and Disposal of Faculty Records

Personnel Record

Policy Regarding Sabbatical Leave

Post-Tenure Review

Powers of Hearing Officers

Purposes of Sabbatical Leave


Release of and Access to Faculty Records


Retention of Evaluative Materials Concerning Candidates for Possible Employment

Review by the Board

Seventh Annual Appointment

Standard of Conduct


Supplementing of Sabbatical Incomes

Temporary Suspension of Academic Staff Member

Termination and Other Sanctions for Cause

Termination Not for Cause


Terms of Service of Faculty

Timely Notice

Transcript of Testimony

Who May Appear

Academic Programs

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Research, Sponsored Research, and Grants

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Finance and Administration

Contracting & Purchasing

Addenda to Solicitation Document

Affirmative Action; General Policy

Applicable Model Public Contract Rules

Basis for Awarding Contracts

Clarification of ITBs and RFPs and Requests for Change

Code of Ethics

Contract Amendments (Including Change Orders and Extra Work) and Expired Contracts

Definitions (contracting)

Definitions (chapter 62)

Designation of Contract Officers

Disposition of Solicitation Responses if Solicitation Cancelled

Disqualification from Consideration for Award of Contracts

Emerging Small Business Program

Facsimile and Electronic Solicitation Responses

Formal Procurement Receipt, Opening, and Recording of Bids and Proposals

Insurance or Bond Requirements

Interest on Overdue Charges

Invitation to Bid and Request Proposal Negotiations

Late Bids and Proposals, Late Withdrawals, and Late Modifications

Low Tie Bids

Methods of Procurement


Offer Security

Personal/Professional Services, Goods, and Services Contract Procurement Thresholds

Policy Governing the Acquisition of Goods and Services available from Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities

Pre-Closing Modifications or Withdrawal of Bids or Proposals

Pre-Solicitation Response Conferences

Procurement and Contracting Procedures

Procurement Card

Protest of Contractor Selection, Contract Award, and Protest of Solicitation Document

Purchasing and Contract Records

Rejection of All Solicitation Responses Rejection

Rejection of Individual Solicitation Responses and Offerors

Right to Inspect Plant

Sexual Harassment Policy

Solicitation Document Provisions

Solicitation Responses are Offers

Solicitation Response Submissions

Public Safety

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Risk Management

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Governance & Legal



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