Quinlan Wedge, Editor-in-Chief


Founded in 1941, The Northwest Passage is Western Oregon University’s student-run literary and art magazine. This is a publication of submitted works from students, faculty and alumni of WOU. The Northwest Passage has been in publication in one form or another for over 80 years, supporting the creative arts every step of the way. You will find a range of creations within the pages of the magazine, including traditional and digital art, poetry, short stories, and lyrics. 


The Northwest Passage is in no way affiliated with any single department at Western Oregon University, and is entirely funded with student fees. The content of the Northwest Passage does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Western Oregon University, its Media Board, administration, staff, faculty or student body. It does, however, reflect the desire to promote and distribute quality literature and art created by persons from every walk of life. The sole criterion for acceptance of material for publication in Northwest Passage is that of excellence.