Program purpose and student learning outcomes

The faculty at Western Oregon University recognizes the importance of meeting the needs and interests of all students.  Interdisciplinary Studies learning outcomes are flexible enough to accommodate many combinations of academic interests.

Students interests and post-graduation plans do not always neatly fit into traditional degree programs, but may cross disciplinary lines in both content and ways of thinking. The Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) degree offers students an opportunity to construct individualized programs based on their interests and aspirations.



The faculty at Western Oregon University recognize the importance of meeting the needs and interests of all of our students. Accordingly, the IDS program offers you an opportunity to construct individualized majors based on your own interests and goals.


Learning Outcomes

  •  Define your own learning goals. (PS)
  •  Design an interdisciplinary program of study for achievement of those goals. (PS)
  •  Differentiate the ways of knowing, the conventions, and methods used in your areas of study. (PS)
  •  Explain appropriate theoretical and practical connections among the areas of study in your program. (IL)
  •  Demonstrate reflection and self-assessment in completing your program of study. (IL)


Interdisciplinary Major 54 – 82 credits

With the help of an academic advisor you work together to develop your own degree plan.


How you get there with interdisciplinary studies

  • Complete General Education Requirements
  • Complete at least 27 credits in at least 2 Focus Areas, with at least 48 upper-division credits in the major
  • Complete the 1 credit IDS 499 Capstone Course 
  • Complete 180 total credits, and 60 total upper division credits
  • You may transfer in course work from other universities. If you are using coursework taken from other colleges, work with an IDS advisor to confirm how they can be used in your program.

Check every term in your Degree Works advising tool and working with your faculty adviser to complete your academic goal.