Gerontology: Aging & Older Adulthood


Gerontology is the study of aging and older adulthood. Students are generally interested in working to improve the lives and well-being of older individuals, typically through areas such as case management, housing, long term care, services and supports, physical health, and social opportunities. Our program offers the only Bachelors in Gerontology in the state of Oregon. Our mission is to provide students with a multidisciplinary foundation of core knowledge and skills drawn from the fields of gerontology, psychology, social work, health, political science, communications, and business. Students will gain competence in accessing, evaluating and integrating sources of knowledge within the field. They will develop and refine essential skills through service-learning and practicum experiences. Graduates will apply such knowledge and skills in a manner consistent with an understanding of professional standards and practice.


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Gerontology Department Head:


Dr. Margaret Manoogian | (503) 751-4201


Behavioral Sciences Division Chair:

Dr. Ethan McMahan | (503) 838-8634


Division Administrative Assistant:

Michelle Gallagher | (503) 838-8344