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Sustainability is an interdisciplinary field with an applied focus. Sustainability is about the interrelationships between the social, environmental, & economic elements of a thriving human community. Students in this field gain knowledge and skills for making sustainability an integral part of organizations and institutions and for transforming broader social, political and economic relations between people and the environment.

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Job opportunities for geography and sustainability students: Feel free to contact your advisor about jobs available in geography and related fields.

Internships with the AAG: the Association of American Geographers is looking for interns. Go to the AAG for details. In addition to this opportunity, see your advisor or any member of the faculty regarding additional internships, study abroad programs, and field schools. These kinds of opportunities can be arranged for course credit, or used for the Capstone in Geography and Sustainability.

Looking for a course?  Want to know how these courses can fit into your major in geography or Sustainability? Check the current four-year degree plan. We also have sample four-year plan for the new Sustainability major.

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