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Peter Sears Poetry Prize

Annual Recipients & Runners-up



First Prize: Cylinda Neidenbach, “To Bear Arms” 

Second Prize: Cheyan Swan, “a spell for revenge”

Third Prize: Katherine Sutton, “Flower Crowns”



First Prize: Nicole Caldwell, “Coming Home.”

Second Prize: Tricia Manzano, “This Too Will Take Some Time.”

Third Prize: Laura Wildfang, “Fly Fishing Romance.”



First Prize: Madeleine Hannah, “Sailing Stones”

Second Prize: Kendall Cohns, “Uneaten Remains of a Horned Lark”

Third Prize: Nicole Caldwell’s, “My Dad Appreciates a Steens Lightning Storm”



First Prize: Kathryn Sinor, “Cosmonauts”

Second Prize: Stevie Lamica, “A Woman’s Shackles”

Third Prize: Nicole Caldwell, “Adamantine”





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