Outstanding Student Awards

Linguistics Award “The Don Weiss Award:”  Max Chase

Literature Award: Camden Jones

Writing Award: Sean Tellvik

Linguistics Award “The Don Weiss Award” : Alexander J. Holmberg

Literature Award: Lauren Sundvall

Writing Award: Nicole Caldwell

Linguistics Award: Justin Nelson

Literature Award: Kimberly Gilmore

Writing Award: Stephanie Blair

Linguistics Award and Don Weiss Prize: Sydney Culpepper

Literature Award: Sadie Moses

Writing Award: Erika Fitzpatrick

Linguistics Award: Frank Asay

Literature Award: Joleen Braasch

Writing Award: Megan Clark

Literature Award: Bridget Rogers

Service Award: Cheliss Ehrlich

Writing Award: Danielle Hannan

The First-Year Writing Award for Outstanding Essay

Alex Decknadel: “Projecting Into the World of Dungeons and Dragons”
Bo Moskal: “How Big Little A Alludes to Britain’s Instability During the 1980’s”
Eddy Perez: “My Story”
Jenifer Webb: Barista Lexicon and Its Effect on Customer Interactions”

Rumer Morrison: “Health Care Reform: Increasing Accessibility and Affordability”

Jinye Gan: “An Unforgettable Experience of Climbing Mount Tai”

Julissa Amador: “Gender Neutral Bathrooms: Peace and Safety for All”

Maddy Chapman (2nd Place): “Vaccines: Our Shield for Protection”

Emily Searls: “Combat Isn’t Ready for Women”

Taylor Bitanga: “Uncovering Writers”

Tiffany Sullivan: “How Big Is Your Electronic Tattoo?”

Baily Tarabochia

Mackenzie Bowen

Angela Lee (2nd place)

Aleisha Clark: “The Value of College Education”

Kennen Hembree: “Security for Our Troops”

Ranjit Kayastha: “High School GPA & Scores of Standardized Tests Should be Primary Factors in University Admission Decisions”

Jesse Lamb (2nd place): “Needle Exchange Programs”

Peter Sears Poetry Prize

First Prize:

     Cylinda Neidenbach’s:“To Bear Arms”

Second Prize:

     Cheyan Swan’s: “A Spell for Revenge”

Third Prize:

     Katherine Sutton’s: “Flower Crowns”

First Prize:

     Nicole Caldwell’s “Coming Home”

Second Prize:

     Tricia Manzano’s, “This Too Will Take Some Time”

Third Prize:

     Laura Wildfang’s, “Fly Fishing Romance”

First Prize:  

     Madeleine Hannah, “Sailing Stones”

Second Prize:  

     Kendall Cohns, “Uneaten Remains of a Horned Lark”

Third Prize:

     Nichole Caldwell’s, “My Dad Appreciates a Steens Lightning Storm”

First prize:

     Kathryn Sinor, “Cosmonauts”

Second Prize:

     Stevie Lamica, “A Woman’s Shackles”

Third Prize:

     Nicole Caldwell, “Adamantine”



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