B.S. Language Arts (63 credits)

*Effective as of Fall 2019


                                  (Middle School/ High School Authorization)

Note: Complete Gen Ed writing requirement before taking LIT or WR courses. *Recommended Gen Ed Literature Course: LIT 201

The Language Arts Teacher Education Major is separate from the English Studies Major and it’s four possible Concentrations (Literature, Linguistics, Writing, and Integrated Studies). The following requirements and Learning objectives were established jointly by faculty in the College of Education and English Studies, and Communication Studies.


Core Courses:
Literature and Theory
ED 240 Young Adult Literature in Diverse Classrooms
LIT 317 Introduction to Literary Studies I
LIT 318 Introduction to Literary Studies II

Choose one:
**LIT 204 is required if no LIT 201
LIT 204 Survey of British Literature I
LIT 205 Survey of British Literature II
LIT 206 Survey of British Literature III

Choose one:
LIT 253 Survey of American Literature I
LIT 254 Survey of American Literature II

Choose one:
LIT 439 Studies in U.S. Minority Literature
LIT 443 Studies in World Literatures

Choose two:

Upper-division literature Courses

* LIT 301 highly recommended
**no courses from LIT 380-LIT 387

LING 310 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 315 Structure of English I

Choose one:
LING 312 Language and Society
LING 370 Meaning and Context
LING 450 Linguistic Analysis of Style and Genre
LING 490 History of the English Language

WR 230 Introduction to Writing Studies

Choose two:
Upper-division writing courses, at least one non-creative writing course, WR 440 recommended.

COM 342 Media Literacy

Choose one:
COM 321 Influence Through Argument
COM 325 Intercultural Communication
COM 412 The Criticism of Public Discourse
COM 422 Persuasion
COM 432 Rhetoric In the Western Tradition


Language Arts Learning Outcomes

1. Apply linguistic principles, composition theory/practice, and methods of literary analysis.

2. Relate oral and written communication, literature, and linguistics content to secondary-level pedagogical best practices.

3. Analyze the rhetorical power and aesthetic potential of language.




English Studies Department: Integrated, Linguistics, Literature, and Writing

Department Head: Dr. Lars Söderlund | 503-838-8325 | or e-mail: soderlundl@mail.wou.edu  | Location: BELL 309