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Volleyball digs for gold, Soccer takes the shot

Intramural teams play for championship and t-shirt prize

Simson Garcia | Sports Editor

Western’s intramural teams went after the nets in both volleyball and soccer as men’s, women’s and co-rec leagues all played for titles from May 15-21.

In women’s volleyball, the Gold Diggers, undefeated at 6-0, rematched with the 4-3 Sushi Burritos for the final. Both teams were quick toward the net and sharp in reaction for digs, but it was the former who succeeded in the end: two sets to zero.

“This is like the first team that I’ve been on that went undefeated,” said senior outside hitter Breayna Webster. “It was definitely a great feeling. I’m happy we got to win a shirt on my last year.”

Tournament champions in each sport won a t-shirt.

Also winning a t-shirt in co-rec volleyball was Rough Sets who defeated Dalls Beep, 2-1. The first set was a rotation of games with Dalls Beep winning 25-19. Dalls Beep’s Mia “Felicia” Medina, senior, said their team looked to their strong advantage in communication to help them prevail. It helped them win past matches and the first set, but Rough Sets were also communicative with their rotations. Rough Sets also never lost a match at 7-0, and they kept it that way winning the remaining sets, 25-17 and 15-9.

In men’s soccer, We Probably Won’t Win didn’t win as Take the Shot’s protection at the post by goalkeeper Keegan McMurry, senior, and junior striker Hatim Alhamdin’s offensive push helped rally their team for the 5-1 win.

Alhamdin also plays in co-rec soccer where his team, Bella Ciao, out-maneuvered team Chaos, 6-0 on May 15. In the closing minutes of the first half, the team started right in with a goal that screamed past the hands of Chaos’s goalkeeper Peter Puettmann, sophomore. Chaos’s back line could not match up with Bella Ciao’s constant attack for the remainder of the game.

Bella Ciao stands at 4-1 and is involved with compact competition. Big Baller FC and Ballkickers are also at 4-1, after having picked up victories on May 15.

All three teams will play in the co-rec championships which concludes on May 24.

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Photo by: Simson Garcia