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Veteran Resource Center’s director accepts teaching position with the DoD

Vetertan Center director Colin Haines leaves Western

Sydney Carpenter | News Editor

After three and a half years of serving student veterans attending Western, Veteran Resource Center director Colin Haines has resigned.

The announcement came after Haines accepted a teaching position with the Department of Defense’s Science and Technology Academies Reinforcing Basic Aviation and Space Exploration program. Founded in 1991, the program was tailored to provide 25 hours of military personnel demonstrating science, technology, engineering and math in “real world” scenarios to fifth grade minority students.

“The DoD Starbase program combines everything I strive to be as a professional educator,” said Haines. “(Western), along with its students, faculty and staff, will always hold a place in my heart, but I felt the time was right to progress my career and make an impact on young students who need me the most.”

Haines reported that his time serving students at Western had been impactful ⏤ personally and professionally. He went on to say the student leaders of Peer Advisers for Veteran Education program have always provided student veterans or veteran-dependents with quality information regarding Veteran Affair benefits and academic life on campus.

“The fact that I have such an outstanding student staff who are more than able to help their peers during the period between directors allows me to leave with a bit of (peace) of mind that our student veterans will not be left hanging,” said Haines. 

At this time, Western has hired a new director, and Haines said he has confidence in the hiring authorities’ ability to identify and nurture great talent. To learn more about the new director or learn more about veteran benefits on campus, email

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