Trip out over Brent Faiyaz’s latest single, “Gravity”

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Trippy visuals and bass guitars come together 

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Music artist Brent Faiyaz has gained traction for his talents and recognition in the music industry following the huge response from his album, “F–k the World,” which was released in February 2020. Fans have been long anticipating another album or single, and when the time finally came, Faiyaz didn’t disappoint. Released on Jan. 27, Faiyaz’s latest hit, “Gravity,” comes stacked with vocals and lines from DJ Dali and Tyler, the Creator, and has Steve Lacey on the guitar and bass. 

Through the song, both Faiyaz and Tyler describe their lifestyle on the road and the way it impacted their relationships. Both artists experience a type of “gravity” from their partners, who try to pull them back home from the rush of a luxe lifestyle, and the amount of energy it takes to maintain that balance. 

Faiyaz boasts a bit about his fame in the chorus with, “I’m on (Don’t act like I’m average)/ But you want me home (Home)/ I’d get you what you want (Superstar status)/ But you want me alone (I’m gone, baby, I’m active).” And Tyler, the Creator echos the message of finding a balance between here and there in the third verse, “Now when I’m gone, and I roam ’round the globe for three months/ That’s too long without somethin’ that’s sweet/ So I phone, little treats, that’s a snack, not a feast/ They don’t mean much to me/ ‘Cause I know that I have a bakery back at home.” 

There are effortless transitions between verses paired with strong vocals and unique melodies, which all together form a trippy auditory time-warping experience. Following this theme, the album cover includes fluorescent colors that look like a psychedelic oil spill, resulting in a warbling and eye-catching artwork. 

The melodies, layers of instruments and laid back vocals create a pop song that will hit the top of the music charts and stay there. As of right now, fans wait to hear if an official music video will be released within the coming months. While they wait,  a video of the audio alongside engaging visuals is currently on YouTube. 

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