Tips from tots: Advice for those graduating

Caity Healy | Editor-in-Chief

Needing a little bit of advice before you head off from Western? Don’t go to your adviser, go to the ones who will always be entirely honest — kids. Seven kiddos from the Child Development Center were ready to share their tips for all of you soon-to-be graduates by answering a very important question: what should the big kids at Western know or do before they graduate from school?



“Learn… new stuff. Eat … um, popcorn, at the movie theater. And for dinner, I have broccoli, and potatoes, and um, and burritos. And, um, chips. And, um, I have water.”



“I always like to play and eat food … a cheese sandwich, and macaroni and burgers.”



“Take pictures … inside … And kindergarten.”



“Have a great goal in life … (my goal is) to make sure I achieve my dreams.”



“I like to play with my friends all the time.”



“(They should know) about being a teacher.”



“Be respectful.”


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Photos by Caity Healy