The best locations for fall photoshoots

Rebecca Meyers | Lifestyle editor

Midterms are arriving quickly, but many students are still finding ways to enjoy fall while it’s here. One way to do this is to find a friend, a camera and a nearby scenic place and take a fall photoshoot. Finding the first two is usually the easy part, so we’ve helped with the final step and compiled a list of scenic places that are only a short drive away.

Dallas City Park, Dallas

Address: SW Academy St Dallas, 97338

The largest park in Dallas, this site includes wooded trails, an arboretum and a Japanese garden.

Bush Pasture Park, Salem

Address: 890 Mission St, SE Salem, 97302

Bush Pasture Park, located not far from the capitol, includes a gazebo, garden, and an open area with lots of trees perfect for fall photos.

Minto Brown Island Park, Salem

Address: 2200 Minto Island Rd SW Salem, 87302

Found just off River Road on the way to Salem, this park is a large, wooded area with a number of different trails.

Fitton Green Natural Area, Philomath

Address: Location does not have specific address. For directions, search “Fitton Green Trail”. Directions should end on Chaparral Dr.

This spot, which is just west of the popular hiking spot Bald Hill, is located on a hillside and offers a scenic backdrop.

Peavy Arboretum, Corvallis

Address: NW Peavy Arboretum Rd, Corvallis 97330

Part of Oregon State’s McDonald research forest, this large site is perfect for woodsy fall photos.


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Photo courtesy of Ashlynn Norton