Students Watercolor Show

Written by: Gretchen Sims

Jan. 20 wrapped up the most recent student exhibit in the Instructional Technology Center. The works from the student watercolor show showed off the incredible talent of Western’s student artists. 

The exhibit was an exciting first for some students. Quinlan Wedge, an artist displayed in the show, said, “It felt rewarding to have my art displayed in the ITC gallery. I have had a couple pieces displayed in other places, such as a show in my hometown and a winery show, but it’s special to see my art made at WOU in an official WOU gallery space. I’m not graduating this year, but it feels full circle, you know?”

An interesting tidbit about this exhibit is that these pieces were curated from the same class assignment.

“My favorite aspect of the course was how much artistic freedom we were all given,” said Jude Bokovoy, a senior with a major in communication studies and a minor in art & design. “As you can see throughout the exhibit everyone’s artwork is drastically different from one another, can you believe we all had the same assignments?”

This exhibit was Bokovoy’s first show. 

Bokovoy added, “Honestly, it was a little intimidating having my artwork displayed at first. I originally took this course for fun, unlike the incredibly talented art majors that were the vast majority of the class. Therefore, I wasn’t too focused on the final product, instead, I was devoted to applying all of the techniques that were being taught. At the end of the day, I am very happy that I was able to have my work displayed in a gallery for the very first time.”

This exhibit was not only a vibrant display of the talent in the Western community, but it was also a chance for budding and experienced artists alike to convey heartfelt messages through their works.

“I’m regularly reforming my ideas about my art and what I want it to be, but something that has always remained true is that I want the viewer to find joy in it. Art can mean anything you want it to, and I’d rather look for things that make me feel happy and remind me of childhood than things that make me scared or uncomfortable. Of course, that type of art has value too, but I’m just not one of those artists!” said Wedge. 

Be sure to look out for future upcoming exhibits to check out the incredibly skilled artists that Western galleries are so incredibly honored to host. 

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