Student Print Exhibit

Written by: Gretchen Sims

Western Galleries continue to feature student artists by displaying class projects in the Instructional Technology Center. This month’s exhibit followed the Cannon Art Gallery’s lead and showed off the student printmaking class. 

The show titled “Creativity in Copper” shows off Western students’ exemplary artistic ability.

The prints are created by first etching an image on a slab of copper — if the pieces are in color, they may require multiple layers. 

Many students’ works are currently on display in the ITC building. Artists and their perspective prints included:

“Pond Side” by Violet Babbitt, “Ball Python” by Leo Bazemore, “Eye of the Storm” by Annabelle Bullock, “The Forest Savior” by Ashlee Ellis, “Aphrodite” by Domminik Griffith, “Cove Sun Reflection” by Jake Hampson, “ Lotus Flower” by Xiaomi He, “Dinner and a Show” by Abi Lowther, “Raindrops” by Becca McCannell, “Held” by Ressi Miller-McKinney, “Untitled” by Lucas Montpart, “El Bosque del Conejo” by Maria Ortega Osorno, “Allure” by Annabella Ramey, “Untitled” by Jackie Ramos Garibay, “Gentle Assassin” by Carrie Visuaño, “Lovely View” by Yuxin Xiao and “Cat and Flowers” by Qiao Zhang.

Similar to the previous watercolor exhibit, the works displayed in the exhibit are the result of an entire term of hard work. Though the prints began as a class assignment, each piece grew to be extremely individualistic and beautiful.

The students perfectly exhibited how one assignment can be interpreted in so many different ways — each perfectly resembling their maker. 

There was an artist reception on Saturday Feb. 11 where artists shared about the class and chatted with attendees regarding the pieces that they made. Although this show has wrapped, be sure to check out pictures from it on Instagram @wougalleries and support fellow student artists. 

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