Steady tunes to study to: song recommendations

A collection of study songs from The Western Howl staff

The Western Howl Collective

With the beginning of school, there are so many things to prepare: supplies, textbooks, resources, study routines and much more. However, a strong study playlist is key in being successful. These are some recommendations from the Howl staff. Hopefully, these songs will encourage someone to create an individual study playlist for a wonderful term. 


Brianna Lelieur | Entertainment Editor

“The Last Cherry Blossom” by Rudemanners — This is a Lo-fi song off an entire playlist, it is upbeat and very soulful. 


Rylie Horrall | Managing Editor

“I Miss Those Days” by Bleachers — My study playlist changes a lot but this song is almost always on it. I like listening to it because it has a mellow and relaxing beat that helps me focus without the words being too distracting. 


Allison Vanderzanden | Lifestyle Editor

“Cassini” by Curtis Schweitzer — I enjoy this song because it’s soft enough to not distract me while studying. I also like that the melody isn’t overly repetitive or predictable.


Sean Martinez | Copy Editor

“Vertigo” by Khalid — I don’t often listen to music while studying, but for me, it’s easy to get lost in the process of writing or studying while this song is playing. Plus, this song is about Khalid asking himself the big questions, making it a great song for concentrating on whatever task is at hand.


Kyle Morden | Head Designer

“comfy vibes” by LilyPichu — Sit back and relax; it’s time to get comfortable with some Lo-fi beats. No matter how stressful studying can be, this song will create a calm atmosphere for any listener.


Cora McClain | Editor-in-Chief

“I’ll Keep You Safe” by sagun — There’s a Lo-fi song for every occasion, and studying is no different.  I’m easily distracted and lyrical songs often make it harder for me to focus on work, so Lo-fi is my go to. The repetition and distortion that sagun’s uses keeps my brain engaged for long study sessions while not breaking my focus.


Kiara Wehrenberg | Photo Editor

“Dream Catcher” by Damu the Fudgemunk — This song is good for me to study because there are no lyrics for me to get distracted by while writing. I also like how the music is upbeat enough for me to stay focused and not fall asleep — most songs by this artist have a similar style perfect for studying. 


Stephanie Moschella | Digital Media Manager 

“3 Nights” by Dominic Fike — This song gives me the summer vibes that we all missed out on this year. It’s calming and melancholic, and leaving it on repeat helps drown out all the noise around me while I study. 


Sydney Carpenter | News Editor 

“Dr. Wanna Do” by  Caro Emerald  — After a long study session I like listening to some electric swing or Jazz to boost my mood and overall attitude. However, I usually don’t listen to anything while I work — it’s difficult for me to focus as is, and adding music to the mix doesn’t help me in my studies. 


Listen to the playlist here!

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