Spring break inside

Written by: Taylor Duff | Staff Writer

With spring break approaching, many students do not have the funds to travel or participate in expensive activities, leaving them to wonder what they will do during their break. Some are most likely catching up on sleep, but here are some ideas for how to spend one’s spring break, other than sleeping.  

Read a new book — Reading is proven to be beneficial to the mind, and there are many options out there for any genre or length. Audiobooks are also a great alternative because they can provide a more immersive experience for some. TikTok and other social media sites have many recommendations to discover.  

Watch a new TV series or have a movie marathon — Streaming services have many choices for film and TV. If one isn’t sure what they might like, try watching the first episode of a show or the trailer to see if it’s something one may be interested in. 

Play board games — Board games are underrated as there are always more to try out. Games are always fun to play time and time again. 

Try a new hobby — A new hobby can be exciting and something that could get a person out of their comfort zone. The most popular hobbies include painting, cooking, writing, gardening, video games and so much more. Another fun hobby one can try is pottery; many pottery shops offer a chance to try it out or paint some pottery pieces that have already been made. 

Try a new recipe — The internet is full of delicious and adventurous recipes that give one a chance to practice cooking skills and learn a thing or two. Not much of a cook? Try a new restaurant in the area and step outside of one’s comfort zone; this could lead to a new favorite dish.   

Listen to some new music — Music is a great way to decompress and enjoy the moment no matter where one might be. Try listening to a new artist and discover what one likes and dislikes.

Declutter — With spring coming, spring cleaning is also an option, which many don’t like to participate in, but if the moment arises and boredom is too prevalent then decluttering is a great way to get cleaning done and feel refreshed. This is also a good time to redecorate or take care of household tasks one has been putting off. 

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