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The Howl staff shares some of their funny fall tales

The Western Howl Collective

October brings a holiday that many love to celebrate — Halloween. The month is filled with an assortment of spooky things — from movie marathons to quirky decorations to themed foods; nevertheless, no holiday is complete without its share of funny stories. Check out these howl-ingly funny tales from “The Western Howl” staff.

Cora McClain | Editor-in-Chief

Growing up, I had a relatively rich friend and trick-or-treating in her neighborhood was always the best. Four words: king sized candy bars. I would do anything for those candy bars, even trip over my own two feet, scraping up my knees and bleeding all over my costume… At least I got my king sized cookies and cream Hershey’s bar along with anxiety-inducing embarrassment. They don’t call it trick-or-treating for nothing.

Rylie Horrall | Managing Editor

A year or two ago, my mom and I were watching a scary movie. We do that every year and it’s become a fun tradition for us when I’m home around the holiday. Anyway, it was a very tense scene, we’re completely immersed with the lights off, the character on the screen was heading up to what’s probably a jumpscare so we’re leaning in. And then my brother comes around the corner and says “How’s the movie?” I screamed. Mom screamed. He yelped. Long story short, my brother is now extra cautious when he walks into the living room when something scary is on.

Stephanie Moschella | Digital Media Manager

Last Halloween my friends and I played “Little Hope” — well it was more like they played and I watched. I had already played this video game before, but I wanted to see how my friends and roommates fared. Well, long story short, I fell asleep about halfway through them playing the game. I was on one of the couches and my back was turned against the TV, but that didn’t stop any of them from screaming or yelling out loud. But it was fine since I got a pretty good nap. 

Mikayla Coleman | News Editor 

I grew up playing hours and hours of “LEGO Star Wars” with my dad on his Xbox 360. To earn the respect of my father, I decided to dress up as a stormtrooper for Halloween. My dad and Iwalked into Target, and there it was, the iconic costume, hanging halfway off the hanger in the little boys section. I was so excited, I didn’t bother to look at the tags.

It sat in the closet until the infamous day rolled around. I was psyched. I put the costume on and was sitting there thinking, “Oh, this is uncomfortable. This can’t be right.” But I begrudgingly went out on my trick-or-treating adventure around the neighborhood, feeling wedgied as all h–l, taking weird clomping steps up and down the sidewalk. 

It  took me a couple of years to understand that there was a cup in the crotch of my costume because it was made for little boys. RIP. 

Sarah Austin | Lifestyle Editor

Each year as September comes to an end, I make plans with my friends to go to a corn maze. It’s my favorite activity because we all go in and they think it will be cute and fun, but I like to add a twist. Yes, it’s me; that person running through the maze making creepy laughing noises or hiding to scare people. Even in the daylight. 

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