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Review: “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

Although a spinoff, the story repackages and reinvents the classics

Simson Garcia | Sports Editor

“Solo: A Star Wars Story,” is its own movie. Yes, it follows along with the linear plot of, and connects to, the larger Star Wars universe — something us fanatics love. But the characters — new and old-droids — Wookies and warp speeds into the next galaxy make it original and a worthwhile ticket.

I had expectations — don’t we all, when it comes to Star Wars — that were mostly met. Alden Ehrenreich, who acts as Han Solo, was someone I honestly didn’t care for when I watched the trailer. However, I set my expectations low prior to my viewing and the only thing I looked forward to was how he would portray his version of Solo. His embodiment was exceptional. I’m glad I wasn’t too much of a fan of the warm charisma that Harrison Ford invested in Solo and, although that performance won’t ever be matched, Ehrenreich holds his own quite well.

Donald Glover is the exception and best actor in this movie. As Lando Calrissian, captain of the Millenium Falcon, Glover exceeds Billy Dee Williams’s past performances of Calrissian. This is unfortunate because Williams was the original who personified Lando, but Glover did such a phenomenal job mirroring Williams’s acting — and eventually bringing his own flavor — that I’ll give him the benefit. One thing I looked forward to was the chemistry between Glover and Ehrenreich. This didn’t match the chemistry between Ford and Williams exactly, but the pair clicked.

Of course, these two on screen would not be if not for their quarrels over the Millenium Falcon, like in past films, and I’m so satisfied they got into the backstory of their constant negotiations over the beloved light-speedster.

And let’s not forget about Chewbacca and Solo’s relationship. Kudos to the filmmakers for including so many highlight moments in their relationship. It was awkward when they first met in a mud-filled jail confine, but that’s the beauty of their pairing — something die-hard fans have always loved about the franchise.

I’ve always loved Star Wars films, but the major thing that annoyed me was the constant unnecessary CGI makeover that was dominant in the prequels of the last decade. Everybody prefers sock-puppet-Yoda over the computerized version and so I’m thankful “Solo” retained the classic looks of weird looking creatures and droids.

I will continue to love Star Wars movies like “Solo” as long as they keep reinventing. “Solo” gives a new look while still maintaining the old-fashioned Star Wars we know and love.


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