New Releases While we were Away

Written by:Gretchen Sims

It feels like so much time has passed since the traumatizing end of finals week. Since The Howl has yet to have a release since school was in session, there is much that has been missed. Here are just a few media releases that have been rocking viewers since early December.

Albums and Singles — During the month of December alone, several albums have blown up, taking America by storm. 

  • SZA had the biggest success in December with the “SOS” album released on Dec 9. Paramore released “The News” as a precursor for their album that is set to release in January. 
  • Lana Del Rey also released a song, “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd,” teasing her 9th studio album set to release in March. 
  • Weezer released “Winter,” the 4th and final EP in their SZNZ series. 
  • A$AP Rocky released “Sh—n’ Me” as part of the official soundtrack for the racing video game, “Need For Speed Unbound.” 
  • Ava Max continues to tease her upcoming album “Diamonds and Dancefloors,” which is set to release in late January, by dropping “Dancing’s Done.”

Movies — This past month has had many notable movie releases. However, here are a few that broke the box office. 

  • “Babylon,” starring Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Jean Smart, follows several key figures of early Hollywood through their rise and fall.
  • “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” documents the heartbreaking yet joyous story of Whitney Houston — arguably the most influential female vocalist of all time.
  • “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the second movie in the critically acclaimed Avatar series, follows Jake Sully’s new family and their struggle to protect their home. 
  • “Violent Knight” redefines Christmas movies with a bloody spinoff of “Home Alone.” 
  • “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” is a long-awaited sequel to the Puss in Boots franchise in which Puss must go on an adventure of a lifetime to preserve his own. 
  • “M3GAN” addresses the fears of AI going rogue while preying on an audience’s fear of dolls. 

TV Series — Because they deserve a category of their own, here are the TV series released in December 2022.

  • Season three of “Emily in Paris” was released on Netflix on Dec 21.
  • “1923,” the second Yellowstone prequel, debuted on Paramount Dec 18. 
  • The rebut of “Gossip Girl” was released on HBO Max on Dec 1. 
  • “The Witcher: Blood Origins,” a prequel to “The Witcher” series on Netflix, could be streamed as of Dec 25. 


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