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Eight lifestyle YouTubers to check out today

Allison Vanderzanden | Lifestyle Editor

YouTube has a massive array of channels that cater to any and every type of viewer. Even within the subsection of lifestyle channels, there is something for everyone ⏤ from beauty and fashion to health and wellness. Look up these lifestyle YouTubers and see the creators who need to be added to the subscription feed. 

cup of jasmien: Jasmine Chan shares her creativity through painting, tattoos, makeup and many more artistic outlets. Chan also offers a look into her personal life in discussing such topics as her art school experience, working and confidence. 

bestdressed: Ashley Rous is all about fashion. Rous shares her aesthetics and crafting skills through sewing and thrift shopping with an added dash of dry humor.

Ris Igrec: Ris Igrec’s channel has something for everyone. As a Yale University student, Igrec shares both her struggles and her exploration with things like style and decor while maintaining humor throughout. 

sini시니: Lee Sini makes fun vlogs ⏤ most of which are mukbangs, or eating videos. Lee also goes shopping, cooks and styles her and her friends’ hair.

효뎡 Dyeong: Hyo Dyeong shows of her cooking skills in her vlogs. With the large variety of home-cooked meals Hyo makes, viewers can be inspired to cook something of their own as well.

Annette Kim: Annette Kim shares numerous aspects of her life with her audience; from her daily routines, to her quarantined activities, to her vacations, Kim has a video for any type of viewer.

Jelian Mercado: Jelian Mercado is a single mother with an eventful life to share online. Mercado vlogs many aspects of her family’s daily routines and also adds some extra fun with challenge videos.

Halle Burns: As a college student, Halle Burns makes content that many of us are familiar with. Burns has an optimistic tone throughout her videos while being very open about her experiences and challenges.

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