Keeping your body hydrated

Caity Healy | Lifestyle Editor

As you make your way through campus and notice endless amounts of Hydro Flasks in the hands of students, note that it’s for a good reason; making sure that you are consuming the right amount of water everyday is a necessary component of good health. Upping your daily intake of water can do several beneficial things for your body: improving digestion, preventing fatigue, helping your metabolism, supporting the detoxification of your kidneys and simply just making your skin glow — these are some of the infinite things it can do for you.

If you’re anything like me, this can be a little difficult because at any given moment, I’d rather have a cup of coffee in my hand than a bottle of water. However, there are some small ways that you can start slowly upping the amount of water you drink daily. They may seem minor, but they will actually eventually add up. If you struggle with getting enough hydration, follow some of these tips to make sure that you get the water that your body needs.


Infused Water

Taking your filtered water and infusing it with your favorite mixtures can change the flavor of your beverage drastically. When it seems more appealing to drink, you may find yourself pouring a glass more often than you’d think. My favorite infusion is adding strawberries, lemon and basil.


Drink before eating

Make it a habit to drink a glass of water 20 minutes before you have each meal. Not only will it help you reach your daily water requirement, but it will also help prevent you from overeating, as water helps curb any unnecessary cravings.


Have it ready

Make water convenient and readily available by keeping a bottle of water with you at all times. Even if you aren’t all that thirsty, you’ll likely find yourself sipping on it as the day goes by.


Set a reminder

If you’re consistently forgetting, put a reminder on your phone that will force you to get up and fill a water bottle every so often. That way, you don’t get to use the excuse that you “forgot.”


Set a goal

Setting a goal for how much water you need to consume a day will help you hold yourself accountable. Figure out what you need and write it down somewhere that you’ll see it constantly.


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Photo by: Paul F. Davis