It’s raining men, hallelujah!

By Katrina Penaflor - Campus Life Editor

For the past two years, I have regretted not attending the annual drag show. My friends who went always raved about the hilarious and slightly scandalous performances, and I just knew I was missing out on something good.

So this year, when I saw tickets being sold in the Werner Center I immediately purchased one. The theme was “Out of Pandora’s Box,” which I found exciting because of my love for Greek mythology.

The night of the show, the auditorium was packed. I had never attended a drag show before and as I sat in my seat I honestly had no idea what I was in store for. I knew there would be dancing and laughter, but I was not prepared for the magnitude of performances I was about to see.

Drag show advisers and performers, Gabbi Boyle, Joe Hahn, and Yumi Kong, got the crowed pumped up before the show began and encouraged viewers to sing and cheer during the numbers.

The show was narrated by Megan Habermann who told the story of Pandora, a creation of the gods, and how she fell in love with Persephone.

Photo by Shannen Brouner
Photo by Shannen Brouner

The first dance number literally blew me away—like eyes glued to the stage and jaw-dropped impressed. The cast was a large ensemble and a majority of the group took the stage during the first number. I was drawn in by the choreography and how in sync all the dancers were. No one missed a beat and everyone on stage gave attitude and flavor to the performance.

I was immediately captivated and found myself shouting out and singing along to the rendition of the Pussycat Doll’s “Buttons” – a personal favorite of my mine.

Apart from the dancing, the storyline was equally as entertaining. I was desperate to know what was going to happen between Pandora and Persephone and what kind of obstacles Hades was going to throw into the mix.

One of my favorite numbers of the night was the performance to the Weather Girl’s “It’s Raining Men.” I wanted to get out of my seat and dance along with the people on stage. I also envied Hera’s ability to dance in heels that I would fall over in if I took two steps. I could not stop myself from singing and cheering, and probably annoying every person who sat around me.

The gods and their descriptions in the show where wonderfully accurate and each actor provided their own twist to the characters. The costumes were another plus to the show. They were bright and eye-catching and helped bring the characters on stage to life.

Overall “Out of Pandora’s Box” kept audience members smiling, singing, and laughing. The show embraced owning one’s sexuality, and the flawless performances proved dedication amongst the performers and crew.

My final words of advice are to get your tickets early next year. The drag show is something you do not want to miss.