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Independence’s new restaurant Valkyrie Wine Tavern review

Rebecca Meyers | Lifestyle Editor

Downtown Independence has seen a number of recent changes. One of these is the addition of the Valkyrie Wine Tavern on Main Street. The tavern is still somewhat under construction, but is now functional and open for business. Curious as to whether this new location could be a potential hangout for students, I headed there for dinner last week to get a sense of the place.

The interior of the tavern is certainly unique. For the moment, sitting placements are somewhat sparse. The bar takes up the main focus of the room, expanding about halfway out into the room lengthwise. Past the bar is more available seating for a sit down evening.

As for the decor, the theme is that there isn’t really one. Among the more noticeable features are a half stuffed bison attached to the chimney of the small fireplace and a fake suit of armor against the wall. On display as well are some of the restaurant’s wine collection. Once adjusted to, the overall effect is not terrible for those that don’t mind a somewhat eclectic and laid-back environment.

The menu is fairly small, but still allows for a decent variety with options. It’s split into sides, small dishes and larger dishes. I went with a friend, so we each ordered something different and sampled both meals. I ordered the Muffaletta sandwich, which came with a side of salt and vinegar chips, and my friend ordered the steak, which came sides of salad and fries. We also got a side of smoked butter and bread.

My dinner, consisting mainly of Italian meats, was fairly enjoyable — as my friend pointed out, “it’s hard to go wrong with a sandwich”. The steak, however, was well seasoned and paired nicely with the salad. I did thoroughly enjoy the smoked butter and bread, which was both tasty and well presented.

While the tavern is currently only open in the afternoons and evenings (visitors should note that Google does not give the correct hours), the owner, Savannah Pearce, told me that they will consider opening hours up to brunch.

For students interested in a new dining spot with character, the Valkyrie Wine Tavern is a good consideration. However, the restaurant does have a no minors policy, so it’s a location best enjoyed by students who can legally enjoy one of the many wine options the tavern offers as well as the food.

Overall Rating: I would recommend this restaurant

Address: 301 S Main St, Independence


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Photo courtesy of Ashlynn Norton