How to save space in the dorms

Storage saving tricks for any living space

Sarah Austin | Lifestyle Editor

For many, a dorm is not just a place to sleep, but a place to study, snack, socialize, get ready and relax before the next assignment is due or class starts. Having a clean living space is essential to maintaining comfort. According to Harvard Business Review, the state of one’s physical environment can significantly influence the decision making process. Also, having a cluttered space can negatively affect stress and anxiety levels as well as the ability to focus, eating choices and sleeping patterns. Here are some tricks to declutter and organize a living area.

Lots of out of season clothes? One trick to hiding winter clothes that aren’t in use is to store them in a bean bag shell, thick couch cushions or decorative pillows. Fill the bag with all sweaters, long sleeve tops and even snow gear for a dual purpose chair. This works for the opposite as well, to place summer clothes during the winter months. 

Another common clutter area for students is a desk or vanity. Makeup and bathroom products can often end up in these areas — especially if there is a shared bathroom with limited space. Try getting a plastic organizer shelf for miscellaneous items such as nail clippers, files, tweezers, hair ties and so on to save time and space while getting ready. These are typically inexpensive and can even be found at a dollar store. 

Sometimes, dressers and hutches do not fit everything that needs to be stored. A simple and quick hack is to roll clothes instead of folding. First take the item and fold it in half, then fold the sleeve or armpit if applicable to make a straight line down the side of the item. After this, roll from the top tightly all the way down and place in your drawer. Not only does this make more items fit, but also displays more pieces to avoid unfolding when looking for clothes. This tip also works really well for traveling and packing a suitcase.

Scarves can also take up a lot of space; grab a hanger and tie each across the bar of it. Depending on the size of the scarf, one hanger can store from three to ten.

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