How to hack your makeup routine

Hacks and tips to make applying makeup easier

Rylie Horrall | Managing Editor

Makeup can be a fun and creative way for a person to express themself, however some may find it difficult to do — I personally still struggle to make my winged eyeliner even on each side, and I’ve been practicing for months. For anyone that has grappled with their own makeup skills or wants to shorten their daily routine, try out some of these tips.

Love the winged eyeliner but can’t seem to make it work? One option is to take a bobby pin, and draw on one end with a liquid eyeliner pen. Line up the end of the bobby pin with the curve of the eyelid and gently press to transfer the line onto the eyelid. Take the eyeliner pen and trace over the line to darken, then drag down across the eyelid to complete the wing.

An alternative and potentially easier option for winged eyeliner is to first take some tape — I recommend body tape for easier removal — and place it on the side of the eye, where the bottom of the wing would be. Line the eye with the pen as normal. For the wing, swipe down at an angle towards the lid ⏤ drawing on the tape if necessary ⏤ to fill the entire wing, then remove the tape.

For quick and easy contouring around the face, first apply foundation as usual. Take a contour stick and draw a “3” from the top of the forehead down to the jaw. The middle section of the shape should fall on one’s cheekbone. Blend away the harsh lines with a makeup brush or beauty blender.

To make one’s lashes look longer without feeling as if there’s a ton of mascara coating, try taking the mascara wand and gently dabbing at it with a tissue before use. This can remove any excess that may cause clumping when applying. Alternatively, scrape the wand against the lip of the container, if worried about wasting the mascara. Apply as usual; the lashes will still have the elongated look mascara gives, but with a lighter amount covering the lashes.

Want bold and colorful eyeshadow? To make the pigment really pop, first apply white eyeshadow or other light color to the entire lid before applying desired color. Apply and blend eyeshadow as normal, and the color should stand out more.

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