Horror podcasts to scare and entertain

Tune into these scary podcasts just in time for spooky season

Rylie Horrall | Managing Editor

Podcasts come in many different genres, such as true crime, lifestyle or business, to name a few. One specific genre that becomes popular during fall is horror storytelling — both fiction and nonfiction. In preparation for the spooky season, here are some horror podcasts to tune into.

“Lore” is a podcast that runs bi-weekly and covers historical stories with a dark theme. Each episode features pieces of history that involve tragic events, unusual circumstances and events, strange places and even mysterious creatures. Not only is it a podcast, but it also has a TV show and book series to go with it.

For those who prefer scary stories that aren’t based on real events, “The NoSleep Podcast” provides hundreds of episodes of eerie tales with accompanying atmospheric music. The podcast’s website provides a list of “sampler episodes” for new listeners to check out before delving into the rest of the episodes, and also issues a disclaimer that the stories are not for the faint of heart.

A first-hand account of a journalist’s search for the truth, the podcast “The Black Tapes” covers the mysterious past of her subject and delves into the “literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both,” according to the show description.

“Spooked” is a seasonal podcast presented by “Snap Judgement,” a podcast that occurs year round. It features real-life accounts of supernatural events told by those who experienced them, following the theme of “Snap Judgement” but with a spooky twist of ghosts and the paranormal added to the mix.

For more true scary stories, “Radio Rental” provides another outlet for people to share their accounts of bizarre and startling events from their lives. The episode list isn’t very long, due to the creators taking a hiatus after only 6 episodes, but is now back to updating regularly.

Many of the podcasts listed have their own websites for viewers to tune into; however, there are a few apps where people can listen to for free or with a subscription, such as Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts.

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