Happy harvest: a guide to fall crops

October brings a variety of fresh, in-season produce

Allison Vanderzanden | Lifestyle Editor

Summer may seem to offer the most variety of produce, but fall has quite the selection too. Some fruits and vegetables are nearing the end of their seasons while others are just getting ripe. Here is some of October’s seasonal produce to add to the shopping list.

Grapes of all colors are still being harvested. Stock up and make some jam if canning supplies are available, or grab some to snack on. Meanwhile, kiwi arrives at its peak in the fall in California. Get creative with kiwi by using it as a tart topping or in a salsa.

Apples and pears are two more fruits that taste best in October; use these in a cobbler, crisp or pie. Also try mixing these in-season fruits with some year-round produce — like bananas and cranberries — to create a fruit salad or delicious smoothie.

It is well known that pumpkin is in season come autumn, but other squashes, such as butternut and spaghetti squash, are available too. Each is great to include in soup recipes. Bell peppers are harvested in the fall as well; utilize their versatility to top pasta dishes, mix in stir fry or make stuffed peppers.

Brussels sprouts and beets are two more vegetables that peak in October. Though each may get their own bad rap, they can be enjoyable when prepared in a new way. Brussels sprouts can be sauteed, beets are great on salads and both taste good when roasted.

All this produce and much more are available at grocery stores, but these in-season fruits and vegetables are fresh at farmers markets as well. Check online to see if and when local farmers markets are open, and be sure to follow COVID-19 regulations by wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

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