Glamorous Gallivanting

Written by: Jude Bokovoy

Running out of activities to do with friends? Check out the list below for some inspiration for the next girls night.

Holiday — Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Celebrate one’s most beloved friends by having a sleepover. Come in Valentine’s pajamas, bring heart-shaped charcuterie boards, make pink cocktails and watch romantic movies all night long.

Spa — Spend the night in face masks, painting nails and sipping on a sparkling chilled drink.

Movie — Is there a new movie coming out that all of one’s friends are wanting to watch? Better yet, is there a movie series to dedicate the evening to?

Get drinks — This is a great activity to do with a new friend. There is no time commitment or agenda. One could get well drinks and do karaoke at a bar in town, or if classy cocktails are of interest, there are plenty of places to visit in Salem.

Make vision boards — Not only are they fun to make, this activity also gives the opportunity to learn more about one another. When finished, each person can give a mini presentation about their board. 

TV show premieres — Television series that release an episode each week are a great way to dedicate a day to spending quality time with friends. Popular shows of this kind include “The Kardashians”, “Love is Blind” and any series within “The Bachelor” franchise.

Appetizers — Having each person bring an appetizer is a great way to exchange recipes and try something new. If there are enough people, there could be enough food to count as a whole meal.

Powerpoint — Find something one thinks is funny or is passionate about to give a presentation on. Get creative with layouts, pictures and graphics.

Art — Having a little project to do can be relaxing, encourage bonding and can even act as a creative outlet. Plus, it will provide a physical object to use as a decoration — coupled with a good memory of being with friends.

Making a dish together — Making a meal or dessert takes a good amount of time and can be customized. There are a number of options. Classics include mini pizzas, baking and decorating cookies or a cake.

Games — There are so many games to choose from; chances are there are already a few in one’s home. Card, board or personal question games such as “For the Girls,” are all great options that could be played for hours.

Happy hour — Most restaurants have a happy hour menu early in the evening and last hour of the night. Mix and match drinks and appetizers to share with friends.

Go to a game — Get out of the house by going to see the Blazers or stay close to home by going to a Western home game.

Theme — Have a tv show, trend or even a color that the group is currently obsessed with? Make it a girls night by dressing up, bringing snacks and doing activities related to the theme.

Make bucket lists — These don’t need to be generic. Really put some thought into a personalized bucket list. They don’t need to be things to check off before one’s expiration date. They could be lists to complete before graduation or even a list of activities to do with one’s group of friends.

A night in the city — Feeling ambitious? Drive out of town to a nearby city such as Portland. There are plenty of places to have dinner, go out for drinks and much more. If one is feeling extra spontaneous, book a cheap place to stay. In the morning, go out for brunch before heading back home.

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