Get inspired and conquer creative block

Five tips for boosting creativity and overcoming artist’s block

Allison Vanderzanden | Lifestyle Editor

Creative block happens to the best of us, and it seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. Whether a creative medium is needed for a class or work, or it is simply used as an outlet, it can be frustrating to be out of ideas. When inspiration is lacking, try one of these strategies to jump-start creativity. 

Set aside time to work: Creativity is a skill, meaning it needs to be practiced regularly in order to improve. Dedicating time to working on one’s craft ⏤ even if it’s only 10 minutes a day ⏤ can continually keep the creative juices flowing. Remove distractions for an optimal work session.

Do nothing for a while: Alternatively, take a complete break from everything, including social media, homework and other stressors. Give the mind a mental break and take the time to recharge. This relaxing time can also be used to daydream or meditate on possible creative project ideas and let the imagination wander.

Try a new medium: When totally stuck, it could be time to do something new, yet still on the creative track. Try a hand at painting, crafting, writing, music, photography, baking or any number of creative outlets. If a friend or family member is skilled in a different medium, ask to spend some time with them performing their activity together.

Change the environment: According to, a change of scenery, even a slight change, can boost creativity. This could look like redecorating a workspace or working in a different room or location altogether.

Enjoy other artists’ work: Gather inspiration from others’ creations; any type of media can be helpful for any artist. Listening to music, exploring social media profiles and groups, watching videos or reading books and stories can all be inspiring while also providing some entertainment.

Brainstorm socially: Sometimes, the best ideas can come out of conversing with others. Exchange ideas directly with other artists, providing prompts for one another to work off of. Or simply take the time to have a fun conversation; maybe an interesting, inspiring topic will arise.

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