Enjoy fresh movie theater snacks at home from Independence Cinema

Find out what movie theaters are doing to stay afloat

Natalie Dean | Entertainment Editor

Many small businesses have been affected by the pandemic, and local shops in Oregon have especially been impacted by the recent two-week freeze mandated by Governor Kate Brown. However, this hasn’t stopped small-town shops from finding creative ways to stay open while putting safety first — like the Independence Cinema. Although they are not currently offering in-store purchases or movie viewings, people can still enjoy those classic movie theater snacks and other items with their curbside concessions.

During the two-week freeze, their curbside concessions will be open every Friday and Saturday from 5 to 8 p.m., where customers can get some snacks and also purchase gift cards, which are available on their website, battlegroundcinema-com.3dcartstores.com.

Along with providing goodies to all the movie lovers out there, Independence Cinema is also advocating for meaningful relief before 2021 to be provided by legislation. Movie theaters have been some of the hardest businesses hit during the pandemic, and certain measures have to be taken in order for businesses like these to still be a part of our community. Additional information on these legislation efforts, as well as future showtimes, can be found on their website, independencecinema8.com.

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