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Does the Western community follow through on their New Year’s resolutions?

Western students share their successes and shortcomings with their New Year’s resolutions

Mollie Herron | News Editor

At the beginning of every year, without fail, there is an overwhelming amount of people who decide to get in shape. There may even be some who decide to learn how to cook, play a new instrument or speak a new language. 

We all try our best to follow these goals, but let’s be honest, are we all going to start working out for at least one hour a day and learn how to cook from scratch and completely master the ukulele just because we promised ourselves we would? I asked Western students and professors about their New Year’s resolutions and whether or not they achieved them. This is what our community had to say.

Jordan Ehrhardt, Western senior and physical education and health major, said that his resolution was to work out five times a week. Unfortunately, he said that he was not able to fulfill that goal but did keep up with an impressive three or four times a week so far.

Another student, junior exercise science major Ethan Flanigan, also made a goal regarding exercise, except he strives for six days a week. Flanigan says that so far he has been reaching that goal and keeping up with proper nutrition and hydration to assist in the upkeep of such a task.

Dr. Anna Hardin of the biology department says that her resolutions were not formally made but in general she wanted to run more and improve her woodworking skills. 

“I started running in the fall and then when the term got busy I stopped and I want to get back into it,” Hardin said. 

Since she made her goals more vague than other clear cut examples, she thinks she will be able to stick with them and reach her goals by the end of the year.

I made my own resolution to wear all the clothes in my closet so I can finally see once and for all what clothing I don’t actually wear. I have always had a problem when it comes to clothing, that problem being that I buy things to wear once and shove them deep into the void that is my closet. 

Remembering resolutions after hastily making them on New Year’s Eve is the easy part. Continuing to follow through for the next 365 days is where it gets difficult.

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