DIY gifts for Valentine’s Day

Three Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone

Sarah Austin | Lifestyle Editor

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money, and for many people a homemade gift can be more meaningful. Here are a few ideas of gifts to make for a significant other, crush, friend or even roommate. 

Date night jar.
This gift is great for a Valentine who has a hard time thinking of date ideas, or activities they love so both parties feel appreciated. 

Supplies needed: paper, a permanent marker, scissors and a jar or box.

Instructions: On a sheet of paper, write in one color activities both people can do at home; examples include game night, movie night, cookoff, paint night, cook for one another or no electronics night. Cut to size and fold in half, then place in the jar. On the next sheet in a different color write activities to do together that do not cost money but require going somewhere; examples include hiking or having a picnic at the park. Lastly, repeat in another color activities that can be done together that would cost money; examples include “dessert on me”, dinner at a desired restaurant or “a golf match on me.” Write the key and attach to one side of the box or jar so everyone knows.

Memory album.
This is a beautiful gift to give someone important.

Supplies needed: printed photos, a scrapbook or photo album and a pen.

Instructions: Choose photos of the gift receiver or memories shared with them, then print. After printing, arrange photos and put them in the scrapbook or photo album. If desired, add labels or captions. When done, write a card or just give to the person and watch them relive and re-love the memories before them.

“Crazy about you” notes.
A heartfelt gift to be cherished forever.

Supplies needed: Strips of paper or small sticky notes, a mason jar and a marker.

Instructions: Using the paper strips or sticky notes, write on each one something that is appreciated about the person it is being given to. Fold or roll up, then place in the jar. They can read them whenever they want as a pick-me-up or right then to feel the love.

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