Degree Tracks gets a New Look

Written by: Mirella Barrera-Betancourt

DegreeTracks — the system that Western uses to track student degree progress and verify completion of graduation requirements — received a new interface on Apr. 13. 

The new interface will serve the same functionality as the former, meaning that all information needed to view degree progress remains accessible. For example, a feature that is there to stay is the “what if analysis,” which allows students and advisors to get a glimpse of their degree progress with the inclusion of future classes and/or different areas of study.

However, there are quite a few differences and new features that students should be aware of for a smooth transition between the two interfaces.


The new interface no longer uses highlighting and color-coding to illustrate which requirements have been completed and which requirements are currently in progress. Instead, the new interface presents a simple and modern appearance through the white — and a hint of green, red and blue — color combination. The green, red and blue are used to indicate to users which section requirements are complete, incomplete or in-progress through a single box at the top of each block. 

Registration Checklist

There are two formats in which students and advisors can look at their academic degree progress — through the dropdown menu under “format.” 

The “student view” format is the default format. This format allows students a more detailed view of their degree progress, displaying specific information regarding unmet degree conditions for a particular block. 

Meanwhile, the format “registration checklist” allows the user to view their progress in a checklist format. This format is an option for students who may be nearing completion of their degree, and merely seek an easy, simple way to view their few remaining block requirements.

Degree Progress Graphs

The new interface includes a visual presentation for the completion of graduation requirements through graphs displaying degree progress. 

In this instance, students have the option to view the progress graphs through different settings by toggling between both in-progress classes — courses that a student is currently enrolled in — and pre-registered classes — courses that a student has enrolled in for future terms. The setting to the system automatically defaults with the inclusion of in-progress and pre-registered courses, which means that courses not yet completed will display on the degree progress graphs.

In order to keep these courses from displaying on the degree progress graphs, as well as in every requirement block, simply unselect the options for “in-progress” and “pre-registered” courses, then click “process.”

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