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Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson lean on each other in the final episode of “The Bachelor”

Written by: Claire Phillips | Entertainment Editor

On March 25, 2002, reality television received a new addition through a now popular franchise known as “The Bachelor.” The “Bachelor” family has continued to expand over the past 22 years with a unique variety of contestants, including 72 year old Gerry Turner, the first Golden Bachelor.

“The Bachelor” is also known for its plethora of drama, from both men and women alike. A lot of this tension is perpetuated by producers, as the rivalry between contestants brings in views.

Devoted “Bachelor” fanatics nationwide were thrilled when Joey Graziadei was announced as the leading man of season 28 after Charity Lawson’s season of “The Bachelorette.” A tennis pro from Hawai’i, Graziadei captured the hearts of many for his emotional intelligence and kindness. Good looks are always a primary factor in the reality series as well, and Graziadei was not an exception.

Contestants Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson were fan favorites from the start of the season. Kent opened up to Graziadei, sharing her experience being Deaf and receiving a cochlear implant. Similarly, Anderson did not shy away from telling Graziadei about her mother’s passing. The two women, though having separate relationships with the same man, formed a close friendship throughout the season.

Producers of “The Bachelor” created a suspenseful scene involving Kent in distress, hurrying down a hotel hallway to knock on a mysterious someone’s door. Audiences assumed she was going to confront Graziadei and were surprised when Anderson opened the door. The two women confided in each other about their relationships with Graziadei. More amazingly, Kent and Anderson arrived at the ceremony together, rather than traveling in separate vehicles, supporting each other through to the very end.

Before Graziadei could tell Kent he wasn’t going to propose to her, Kent beat him to it — she had recognized Graziadei’s withdrawal from their relationship over the past week and realized she wasn’t the one. 

As Kent came to terms with the ending of her and Graziadei’s relationship, she said: “If I can love the wrong person this much, imagine how much I can love the right person” — an impactful statement that left audiences reflecting.

Kent did not stop delivering introspective statements even to the end of the final episode. “(Kelsey and I) always had deeper conversations… it was from a friendship perspective that I talked to her… it was the last bit of confirmation I needed to know that she was happy so I could step aside and let two people be happy who really deserved each other,” Kent said. 

“I think a lot of people think it’s a competition, but it’s not,” Anderson added, as the two women sat close together on stage.

Though many were rooting for Kent to be the next Bachelorette, she spoke up for herself and admitted she wasn’t ready to date again after Graziadei’s season. During “After the Final Rose,” it was revealed Jenn Tran would rejoin “The Bachelor” family as the first Asian-American Bachelorette. It seems that each season of “The Bachelor” will truly live up to their catchphrase of “the most dramatic season yet,” while continuing to develop in positive ways.

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