Cocktail Corner

By: Rachael Jackson
Campus Life Editor

Want to host a summer party and impress your friends, but you don’t want to buy the various (and expensive) ingredients to make it happen? Well then, these recipes are for you.

The Miami Vice
Traditionally served as a blended pina colada poured into the glass with a blended strawberry daiquiri, this is a sweet summertime drink. I am not sure where the name comes from, but I am guessing from the television show due to the color of the drink.

Strawberry Daiquiri Sobe*
Pina Colada Sobe
Rum (I use Malibu, but Bacardi 151 is used in the original drink)

Fill a glass with ice, pour in a shot or three of the rum, and layer with the Sobe drinks. If you have a blender, you can blend them separately with the rum added to keep the colors from mixing together.

Moscow Mule
I replace the more expensive ginger beer with ginger ale and fresh ginger in this classic drink.

Ginger ale

Shave off a bit of ginger into your glass. I like a lot, but I also like to torture my taste buds. You can add some sugar as well to tame the spiciness. Add ice over the ginger, pour in a shot of vodka, add ginger ale, then squeeze in half a lime.

Add sugar and club soda to make it spritzy.

White grapefruit juice

Pour vodka and juice over ice. Garnish with a slice of fresh grapefruit if you want to be classy.

Make it a Paloma by using ruby red grapefruit juice and tequila instead.
Add salt to the rim and make it a Salty Dog.